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Gihoc Glass Company Limited (GGCL)

Gihoc Glass Company Limited (GGCL) was established in 1963 by Government of Ghana which contracted Messrs.ThyssenStahlunion of Germany to construct the factory.  The factory was commissioned in 1966 for the manufacture of sheets and hollow glassware products and was between 1966 and 1968 managed by Messrs Kinoblauch& Sons Germany. Government of Ghana subsequently took over management of the Company and in 1976, the GGCL plant was rehabilitation and further refurbishment in the late 1990’s.

GGCL is one of the only two glass manufacturing companies in the Ecowas sub-region and is located at Aboso in the Western Region of Ghana where the country is exploiting its oil deposits.  Its location is also within close proximity of the TarkwaHuni Valley railway line.

GGCL’s asset consist of its well laid out industrial and residential buildings, external works, office/household furniture/equipment plant and machinery and includes the following:

1.    Land area of 15.21 acres;

2.    Industrial landed properties including Administration, Clinic, Canteen, Laboratory and Amenity blocks;

3.    Factory building containing a production line and ancillary structures;

4.    Residential properties

5.    A road network, drains, kerbs, external plumbing, pipe works form water treatment plant to residencies, external lighting and other utility services, etc

6.    Machine and Carpentry Shops;

7.    Batch and Compressor houses.

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