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Legal Mandate

The DIC was set up in 1988 under the Divestiture of State Interests (Implementation) Law (PNDCL.326) to carry out the Government’s programme of gradually divesting itself of its interests in selected enterprises which were either wholly or partly owned by Government of Ghana.


The legal mandate of the DIC is to implement and execute all Government policies in respect of its divestiture programmes by planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating and co-ordinating all divestitures.


DIC’s functions involve the Divestiture of SOEs which are all under the one Government Ministry or the other. Its activities therefore cut across various sectors and the end result of each divestiture cross impacts various thematic areas of the Medium-Term Development Policy Framework (2010-13).

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Contact Us

The DIC's offices are located at No. F35/5 Ring Road East, Labone Junction. Labone, Accra.

  • Hot line: +233 (0302) 772049/773119/760281