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The need for all aspects of the divestiture process to be transparent has been a priority of the DIC and is of particular concem to Government and the general public. Our definition of transparency requires four conditions: competitive bidding, clear criteria for the evaluation of bids, disclosure of the purchase price and adequate monitoring.

These have been satisfied to a large extent. The intemal procedures of the DIC ensure that all these are compiled with. There is now the need to demonstrate to the public how these procedures operate in practice. DIC is striving for transparency in the divestiture process and the outcome of the process but at the same time must maintain a balance in respecting the confidentiality that investors demand.

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Contact Us

The DIC's offices are located at No. F35/5 Ring Road East, Labone Junction. Labone, Accra.

  • Hot line: +233 (0302) 772049/773119/760281