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The procedures cover enterprise valuation, preparation, and advertisement, registration of interest and submission of proposals for evaluation. From this stage, we move on to submission of recommendations to the committee for approval and then to the President for authorization. These procedures are devised and adopted by the DIC in accordance with the Law establishing it.

They are designed to achieve several objectives. In the first place, they are to assist the efficient and effective operation of the Divestiture Programme from the viewpoint of the general public, investors and Government.

Secondly, to ensure that under the Programme, potential investors receive fair treatment and are seen to be treated in a manner that gives the most advantage to the proposal and bid which is in the best interests of the enterprise and the country.

Thirdly, to reinforce confidence in the aims and methods of the Divestiture Programme among the public and investors as well as to make persons submitting proposals aware of Government objectives, of the steps they must complete and of the course of action which DIC takes.

The procedure bring an orderly, transparent and expedient divestiture process which safeguards the public interest and instils investor confidence in the country.

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