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The DIC intends to divest (subject to Government approval) a number of enterprises and residual properties of some companies undergoing some form of liquidation.

For the period of the Medium-Term Development Policy Framework, a minimum of 12 enterprises remain on the divestiture list and this number excludes divested enterprises which the DIC is in the process of re-entering and re-processing.

In the short term, the intended pursuit of the divestiture of listed enterprises will relieve the national budget of the burden of re-financing the affected enterprises, free Government of the attendant labour issues besetting them, and in the long term:

 alleviate poverty and stem the rural/urban drift as most of them are located outside urban Ghana;


 enhance food security and income by actively pursuing agriculture related divestures which, ultimately, will develop the poultry industry;

 promote sustainable natural resource management through divestitures which enable various supervisory and monitoring agencies of Government to ensure sustainable exploitation of natural resources;

 promote income generating agricultural activity via out-grower schemes which are a necessary downstream outcome of the re-activation of moribund agric-related includes;


Divestiture has always been an emotive subject for all stakeholders including the workers of an enterprise listed for divestiture, chiefs and people in the location of the enterprise, the political leadership and the public in general.


DIC would therefore expand stakeholder interaction in the divestiture process, promote public discourse and increase public appreciation of divestiture through the organization of workshops, seminars and other public information activities.


It is intended that the programme will draw from its experience over the years and conduct more intensive due diligence on investor capabilities, the legal titles of enterprises listed for divestiture and workers’ entitlements in other to minimize post-divestiture litigation.


Whilst privatization is not an unknown phenomenon, its processes and challenges are peculiar in each country. We hope to motivate our staff, retain staff, improve work-place efficiently and generally to draw from our storehouse of institutional experience to continue to expand the frontiers of transparency and accountability in the divestiture process.

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