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The government established the Divestiture Implementation Committee (DIC) to implement and execute all government policies in respect of divesting programme. DIC‘s functions are;

    To plan, monitor, co-ordinate and evaluate all divestitures;

    To arrange for the effective Communication of Government policies and objectives for any  divestiture;

    To develop criteria for the selection of enterprises to be divested and assume responsibility for preparing such enterprises for divestiture;

    To make appropriate consultations for successful processing of all divestiture programme; and

    To ensure consistency in procedures for divestiture, in particular with regard to evaluation, invitation for bids, negotiation of sales and settlement of account.

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The DIC's offices are located at No. F35/5 Ring Road East, Labone Junction. Labone, Accra.

  • Hot line: +233 (0302) 772049/773119/760281